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Re: Specs for Burns Stainless mod to Ferrita catback (martynunya)

There is one other reason besides power/sound. I did the first Burns pipe also for clearance. With lowered V70R, the center resonator kept catching on speed bumps, and pushing the resonator up into the driveshaft.

I did order it a bit long on each 2" pipe so we could cut them down as we needed. We also had the front made to slip fit onto the pipe where we cut the resonator off. If did again, would have them weld a 2 bolt flange on, like they did for Kellys Jetex Burns pipe. Ferrita comes with a third hole, straight down, but we cut that off as it also caught on the bumps.

Here are the dimensions Burns used for our Ferrita pipes. They have made 3 of these for Ferrita so far.

3" OD straight tube, 33" long
expand end to fit over 3"

Merge collector, 2:1, 16g
304ss, 2" to 3"
-4.5" legs (that we had to cut to fit the staggered rear pipe joiners)
-no slips
-3" centerline

42.5 OAL (over all length)

We also ordered flat band clamps from them FB-200, need 2 of these for rear 2" pipes, and one FB-300, for the 3" pipe, unless you have them weld a flange on.

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