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Quote, originally posted by rogersampson »
Yes I read that post, but do not understand how a "torque limiting valve" solves the leaking piston seal.

By that description, it is a hydraulic dashpot to slow the rate of clutch engagement, certainly not anything you want on a performance car. It could reduce the punishment and shock to the driveline, so I understand why Volvo would implement it. I just do not see how it could possibly resolve the piston seal issue, (at least that is where my slave failed).


I was actually about to create a thread called "What makes slave cylinders fail?"

is it:
-engine acceleration when the clutch is not fully depressed
-repeated actuation (stop/go)
-clutch drops
-something else?

Illuminate us please Roger, you seem to know your stuff about clutches http://********************/smile/emthup.gif
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