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Speaker Sizes for a 95 850

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I am planning on replacing the speakers in my 95 850, and was wondering what size the speakers are in the car. Thanks in advance.

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I believe the doors are 4", I believe the rear are 5x7 the dash I have no idea.
I thought the doors were 5.25 and the back was a 4x6 plate. Though the doors could be depth limiting...?
No, I replaced all the speakers in my 850 turbo.....2 3.5inch jbls in the dash

4 JBL 5.25s in the doors...(had to redrill holes in plastic....not a problem....and there is a good amount of depth...

2 6x9s in the rear deck ( pain...i had to cut the deck...but it sounds good.)
I keep getting many answers from different people, so I checked myself, and for the doors, I got 4" for the front and 5 1/4" for the back, may I have measured wrong?
In my 1997 850R the front doors had 4's" the back doors 5 1/4's" and the rear speaks were 5x7's.
Try look up these part numbers as Circuit City picked them out for me.
Top front dash: Infiniti 3052CF
Front doors: Polk Audio EX352
Rear doors: Polk Audio EX356
Rear deck: Polk Audio EX357

Hope this helps.

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When are you posting your install? I'm interested to know how the rears sound. I want to reclaim my trunk, which is 1/3 filled with a band pass box containing 2 JL Audio 8"ers (and 300w amp). I'd love to replace the rear deck speakers with something stealthy and incredible sounding. I put MB Quarts in the dash and doors, but still want more bass. [edit] I mean, more bass sans the current 8" subs.


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Ok, here is the deal, I am going to interview my sound technician in Circuit City on the install difficulties tomorrow, so I will have everything put together no later than this weekend. I would say the best bet is tomorrow night I will have everything ready. (Sorry Drew, just thought since a lot of people here ask me about the 850 specifically, I thought I could provide a tech. help article.) Now, back to your sub question. If you want more bass out of the rear deck speakers, I would say get the "bass-est" 6x9s you could find on the market. Don't have any recommendation, sorry. Personally, I prefer subwoofer better, because with my upcoming 2 10s Alpine Type-Rs, dual coil by the way, (currently running 2 MTX 10s, great woofers by the way.) with the help of a Alpine MVR-T707 750 watts amp, the whole car is pumping out an amazing 1400 watts altogether from 10 speakers. With your 8s, I would say if you could have a box custom made for you, like a angle mount or something, that should help you to retain some trunk space back. Good luck.
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One suggestion on woofers, since I have two different brand on my Volvo and the Focus. Mostly people run 12s in their cars, I think it's a little bit too much for me, since I don't really listen to songs with lots of bass, like hip-hop for example. 10s are ok, I mean for my likes. If you don't want the heavy bass feel of the 12s, 10s would be your best bet. Now, since you have 2 8s, I would imagine your box is pretty small, right? Why not go all out and do 3 subs? I mean 3 8s, that would be awesome. Few brands of bass I would recommend: Sony, Alpine, Blaupunkt, and MTX. Really nice, solid, all around woofers. Hope this helps.
ahh sony subs.....ahh
go get some JLs....they are the best

I have one 12 inch pioneer vccs pro in a bandpass box...not That big....sounds good....


Originally posted by mrmandmman:
ahh sony subs.....ahh
go get some JLs....they are the best
Ok guys, how about help out an "old guy" who really doesn't know much about speakers, specifically sub-woofers.

I have a '97 T-5 sedan. I replaced the rear deck speakers with 5x7 Polks, and the front door speakers with 5.25" Polks. They sound great, but I lost some bass response. I don't want anything to rattle the windows, but I do want some bass response back.

So what's the deal with subs? Do they mount in a box in the trunk up against the rear seatbacks? If I just want to pick up some bass response, what should I add?

Thanks for the help.
The stock unit doesn't really squeeze out the extra juice from the Polks, I had been there. The best way to do is to have a dedicated sub box with a 2 channel amp. That should help you in that department a bit.

Originally posted by NJ850N/A:
The stock unit doesn't really squeeze out the extra juice from the Polks, I had been there. The best way to do is to have a dedicated sub box with a 2 channel amp. That should help you in that department a bit.
Polk!?! :C==
(cough cough) need decent head unit/amp if you want to run a good system (cough cough)

just my 2 cents
So can anyone (cough, cough) answer my question? (cough cough)

I'm not looking for an expensive top-of-the-line system, just want a little more bass.
you can get a stealthbox from JL Audio, if they make one for the 850, I would get one of those, and mount an amp behind the backseat to power it. I think youll get your bass back and more. Thats the route I would take. ;-). <edit>If you wanted you could make a custom box and everything, but you will require an amp to power them, that is why I suggest getting a new head unit and having the head unit go to 2 amps, one powering your interiors and another powering the sub(s).</edit>

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I checked the JL Audio website, and you cannot get a stealthbox. I would suggest making your own box and have it custom fit in the trunk, if you want your bass back, go for a JL Audio 10" sub, the 10W3 and either the 10W6.
NJ, Right. My 2-8" JLs are wonderful and provide just what I'm looking for, soundwise hooked to the Kenwood 300w sub-amp. What's this stealthbox? That'd be cool. NJ, the dual bandpass box I have is plenty big, about 24"x16"x9" I think, wedge shaped. It's not huge though. Mounted the amp in the spare tire well and turned the spare upside down on top of it. Fits wonderfully. Maybe I'll just keep the subs, and sell the 6.5" MB Quart component speakers I've never installed. Any Takers? I guess I'll put those in the Classifieds.

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