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Spartacus, Sadria .. the same!

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well I recently purchased a set of Sadria wheels 7,5 x 17 45mm offset from a fellow member here from his C70n , thinking my V50 will be unique with these.. ha ha.. I now see lots of s40s and v50s with Spartacus wheels 7 x 17 52.5mm offset ... these wheels are the same right? I mean , I still like them and I'm probably going to use them as my next winter wheel (if I need one) just not as unique as I thought they'd be.

wonder why Volvo gave 2 names for the same wheel
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different width 7" vs. 7.5"
Re: Spartacus, Sadria .. the same! (V50_T5)

V50_T5, how well did the Sadria fit? I can't seem to find the center bore dimension of the Sadria anywhere...is it 63.5mm like the S40/V50s?

Probably a silly question, but 7.5" doesn't require the fenders to be rolled...does it?
Re: Spartacus, Sadria .. the same! (Pez)

the C70 has the same center bore as our S40/V50 cars. So Sadrias are a hubcentric fit. Fenders don't have to be rolled... my fwd V50 is lowered 35 mm . Out of expiriance, and from what others have tried , the 205 50, 215 50, 225 45 are OK, BUT the 235 45 might need rolling with this combo.

I had a bad wheel bearing when I first put this on,(so it was loud ) since then repaired , I'm planning on retesting this satuday.

hmmm, I'd say stay away from the 235 45s and you'll be ok
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