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Can anyone share plug wear experience with a P3 S60? I ordered new OEM plugs from the dealer today. To my surprise the design was completely different than anything I have seen before.
I had an old S70 GLT and copper core non iridium plugs were recommended. I changed to iridium plugs and the start started and ran better afterwards. I would change plugs at about 30k miles because the number 1 cylinder always showed electrode wear. Essentially the gap got wider over time.
I dont know where the metal disappeared to? At any rate, I have 30k miles on my S60 now but I am thinking of keeping the plugs in longer after looking at the new OEM plugs.
It turns out that the electrode has a tiny square pad on it where the electrode normally is worn away. I am thinking that since my car has a start stop feature this might be a reason to reinforce the plug?
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