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Spaceball Disassembly

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What's the trick to getting the whole shift stick assembly out? I've gotten down to the ball joint being loose, but I don't see how it detaches from the shift linkage below. Does the entire console trim need to be removed, or is there something simple I'm missing.

One picture I saw said to remove the reverse solenoid, but I don't see how that's mounted either, unless I need to unbolt the entire white/yellow plastic housing?
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Re: Spaceball Disassembly (Arbelac)

Check this thread:


There is a picture showing the console trim around the spaceball removed. You can pry that off with a bone tool. Once that is off the white housing can be removed by hand. To get the spaceball itself off it appears you have to remove the shift knob and slide it off the shaft.
Re: Spaceball Disassembly (I Roll)

I'm past that point already. I've gotten the trim off, the spaceball itself removed, and the top of the ball joint off.

What I need to know is how to remove the stick piece itself from the bottom of the ball joint holder. I can't see an access method to the connection at the bottom to the shift cable rod.
The shift linkage on the bottom of that "stick piece" needs to be removed. Once removed you can pull the "stick piece" out.

Remove the four bolts holding down the entire shifter assembly, and pop the side ball joint from the "stick piece". You can now rotate the entire shifter assembly, which will allow you more access to the bottom ball joint between the "stick piece" and the shift linkage.

Hope that helps.
Re: (SHIFT_S60R)

So I do have to unbolt the entire assembly and lift it out then. Thanks for the confirmation.
No problem. Just FYI, but that bottom ball joint to the shift linkage was a pain in the ass to remove, compared to the side joint. Good luck.
Re: (SHIFT_S60R)

I really just need to get at the side joint to replace the cap, and clean and lube the main ball joint.
Well to clean/lube the main ball joint, then you will need to go through the complete disassembly. For replacing just the side cap, you will need to pop the side ball joint, and remove that entire spring assembly. That will give you access to the cap.
Re: (SHIFT_S60R)

That rear spring assembly appears to be attached to the plastic housing bolted to the floor.
There is a lock on the right side. You need to remove that piece and the whole spring assembly will come apart.

Look at this picture. I marked the piece you need to remove. After that the whole spring assembly will slide out.

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