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SPA XC90 DIY Oil Change with pics, UOA

I did an oil change on our 2018 XC90 at 5k miles, these steps and pics should apply for any 2016/2017/2018/2019 vehicle.
[This thread is for those interested in doing the oil change, not intended to start a holy war. Head over to BITOG for that :D]

See Post 36 for UOA! (Used Oil Analysis)


(Comes with new crush washer, two rubber o-rings for filter housing and one o-ring on filter itself)


Oil (Available from Walmart at a very good price and occasionally goes on sale at Amazon)

  • 17mm hex wrench
  • T30 Torx driver (T27 also fits)
  • T40 Torx driver or 6mm Allen

Volvo Oil Recommendation:

NOTE: Volvo now specifies 0W-20 for their SPA vehicles regardless of what is shown in the owner's manual. Oil must meet Volvo spec RBS0-2AE.

  • Loosen oil cap under the hood
  • Remove the skid plate (10 T30 Torx screws, plus two spring loaded inserts; T27 also fits)
  • Remove the oil drain plug (17mm hex bolt)
  • Drain oil into suitable container
  • Replace the drain bolt with new crush washer, tighten slightly past 'snug'
  • Optionally remove the T40/6mm bolt from bottom of filter housing (to drain initial oil in filter) [Either T40 Torx or 6mm Allen wrench will fit]
  • Remove the filter housing with the Volvo oil wrench
  • Replace the filter within the housing
  • Replace the large o-ring on the housing
  • Replace the small o-ring on the T40/Allen bolt (bottom of filter housing) [If you removed the bolt]
  • Apply oil to all o-rings!
  • Replace the T40/6mm bolt [if you removed it]
  • Screw in the filter & housing back into engine, I had to use the wrench again. Do not tighten very much! Let the o-ring do the work.
  • Replace skid plate
  • Fill engine with 6.2qt of specified oil [Note: 2016-2017 is 6.2qt; 2018 and newer are 5.9 qt]

Service light reset:

Volvo oil filter wrench

Removing T30 screw, holding the skid plate

Drain bolt location, middle of pic

Removing oil drain bolt

Oil draining
(I recycled it, no whales or dolphins died...)

The oil filter housing

Removing the bolt from oil filter housing, T40 Torx or 6mm Allen will work

Removing the oil filter housing

Old oil filter within housing

Oil filter

Oil filter components

T40 Torx driver, supposedly it's actually a 6mm Allen bolt

Filter bottom bolt and o-ring

Location of large o-ring on filter housing

New filter installed in housing

Drain bolt with new crush washer installed

Installing filter housing

All done!

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Great post and it could come in handy. Thanks for this!

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Good write-up. How bad does the oil look on the first 5k?
Dark - but I know that doesn't necessarily mean anything.

I'm going to get a used oil analysis (normally I never do this since I use a 5k OCI, but I'm curious to know how the car is breaking in.)

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Very helpful, thanks for sharing.

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Wow-- I think my do it myself oil days died with this car, but if I ever get inspired to d.i.m. I know where to come for a pictorial tutorial. Thanks, stickshift.

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Even though I will let Volvo change my oil, it was very interesting seeing how it is done. Nice pictures and thanks for taking the time to show us the procedure.
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