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sound proofing the car

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Have anyone tried sound proofing their cars? I bought some sound absorbing foam, sound reflecting vinyl, and sound damping vinyl for my car. I put them under the front carpets (absorb + reflect) , inside the front doors (damping + absorb) , over the rear shocks/wheel well (absorb + reflect) , and my tailgate (all 3) (the inside of the tailgate was comptelely empty... made me wonder if I bought a Kia instead of a volvo). The results were pretty good, the exhaust noise was greatly reduced, also road noise is a bit lower, the wind doesn't seem to seep though the door much now... and I guess since the car is much quieter overall, I'm beginning to hear the transmission whine a bit more now. It is much quieter at higher speeds than before now, I almost don't need to turn the radio up at all no matter what speed I'm at. And I can floor it and not to be overwhelmed by the engine/exhaust (some of you won't like this!

Wanna hear from you all if you've done anything like this and the results
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Its on my list of things to do when I have lots of extra time/money
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it is very time consuming, took me 2 days to finish the whole car. Got alot faster near the end of course

the hardest part is to open up the tailgate trim, damn near impossible, broke 3 out of 4 plastic clips that holds the trim together...
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The sound proofing on the tailgate trim will help stop the dreaded rattles, and yes, everyone breaks the clips; the only solution is a trip to your dealer for new ones.
my tailgate didn't rattle but now I almost can't hear the exhaust coming from the back... maybe because now the front is so much louder (in coparison)

its wayy nicer at higher speeds now tho, going over 130km/h (75mph) doesn't seem so bad anymore.
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