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Hi all, just got my XC90 and getting started in this forum. I came from a Lexus GX, and then had a lemon Pachy (Pacifica Plugin Hybrid) that I had to return to Chrysler. I decided to go the Volvo route after going back and forth with the Pachy at the service shop. Unfortunately, the XC90 I got wasn't perfect.

My XC90 is the Momentum T6, with the base Harmon Kardon radio.

A couple of days after I had purchased it I noticed that some songs sounded odd, phone calls sounded odd, and when someone would call me the ring tone sounded all distorted. After some testing and downloading a FLAC frequency testing track (loaded in the USB), I had pinpointed that the drivers side midrange speaker was pushing out some awful distortion. Didn't sound torn, just distorion/interference. It was getting drowned out by the other speakers but when I adjusted the balance, it was completely noticeable.

So I made an appointment to have it checked out. I let someone hear the issue when I dropped it off but when they worked on the issue (different tech), they said they couldn't hear it. The replaced a speaker anyway, just the wrong speaker. They replaced the bass speaker on the door which they had in stock. When I picked it up, it still had the same problem, do I had them order the correct mid-range speaker.

I was happy I was gonna get it fixed but then something happened. One cool day, I get in the car, and nothing. Sound is perfect everywhere. As the day warms up, the issue comes back. That happened for 3 cool days (70s, i live in FL), and only had issues once either the car warmed up. If the day started in the 80s, it happened immediately. So I feel this temperature is a trigger.

Then today as I'm bringing the car back into Volvo (part came in), I'm listening to a song with a bit of BASS, and i start hearing something odd from the front Right. Again, I whip out my frequency test track, and now the right bass is cracking and sounds crappy while the left is perfect.

I'm a programmer and I know that if you can't consistently reproduce an issue, it's tough to fix. If an issue isn't happening when it's at the dealer, they can't do much.

So I'm reaching out to any audio pros here or anyone that may have had the same issues. Anyone know if this could be related to the AMP/Radio? Any help would be appreciated. I'm also going to reach our to Harmon Kardon to see if they have and suggestions but I feel that I need an audio pro for this one, not a mechanic.

Thanks in advance!
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