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So I set out to do the timing belt job today. Taking care to read up as fully as I could on the subject on here and on volvospeed and MVS. The one thing I was nervous about was the TDC timing marks. But I found them and the crankshaft notches, and I lined everything up and marked it off with whiteout. I even placed two marks on my old timing belt in correspondance with two marks on the camshafts where the teeth met the pulley (not to be confused with TDC). Then I made a carbon copy of those two marks on the new belt so I could know it was in place right.

So, once I got everything off and started back on the rebuild I've kinda started panicking! The exhaust cam had somehow inched its way clockwise about 3 or 4 teeth. And when I went to pull the tension tight between the crank and the intake pulley the belt is about half a tooth off. I can't make the belt be "tight" on the right side, basically.

I read on the writeup on Volvospeed that it's normal for the exhaust cam to inch a couple teeth or so. And that you could turn the wheel back to get it in line. Since mine was only about 4 teeth clockwise, I carefully and slowly inched it back to where it's supposed to be.

The notches on the crankshaft are still aligned. The Exhaust cam is aligned...now.

I'm wondering if I can simply inch the intake cam to where it needs to be for everything to fit right. With the upper cover on, it's about 2 or 3 mm counterclockwise from the notch.

Have I effed up my cams already?

Hopefully someone can help soon. It's thursday night, and I gotta have my car done by Friday afternoon (I have the day off). Gonna call the dealer tomorrow, but hopefully one of you guys know.
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