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Sorry! Another Warranty Thread

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Unfortunately, it has come time for me to decide if I want to purchase an extended warranty. I have had really bad luck with things being covered (they blame it all on the CAI) and am worried that my money will be wasted and everything will just be blamed on my intake.

Does anyone have experience with mods and extended warranties? The only other mod in the foreseeable future is PPC'ing it (which I can reflash before I take it in.)

Are there any warranty deals going on right now? Any reccs on where to buy from?

As always, thanks.
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Re: Sorry! Another Warranty Thread (christianwoodward)

As long as you qualify i always recommend CPO warranty as it covers almost everything and as far as the mods voiding your warranty it really depends on the service writer at your dealer. Our service writer here is into aftermarket parts so doesnt void anyones warranty unless its really jimmy rigged and actually DID cause a failure.
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