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Re: Someone should do Black Euro Xenons (tbfilms)

Quote, originally posted by tbfilms »
I have a black saphire '05 R. Is it possible to pull the lens aprart from the housing and paint the surrounding with a rattle-can? Are they difficult to seperate? Otherwise, how much are the lights and where can I by them?

Yup, thanx for asking .. if I had any balls at all I would pull mine apart and complete my "Titanuim" theme. It's just the thought of the cost if I screw something up that scares me. Typically for a mod like this I would buy an extra set of housings, mod them, then replace but keep the original units. With the cost of these things though at 1100 + a pop, modding the existing units is the only way for me to go.

"R" Kelly, your title intrigued me. It is funny to me sometimes what is popular here vs. there. While we were all buying clear "Euro" lenses for our Benzes, the folks over in Germany were buying up the "American amber" ones as fast as they could make them. It was a while before the forum I was on had ppl just start exchanging them with each other instead

JimLill, I know I have read that info before on this forum in the past, but your link doesn't work for me
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