If you haven't yet seen the cover art for the upcoming racing video game Need For Speed: Heat , it features a crazy-looking modified Polestar 1 shod in bright yellow, with huge fender flares and a massive rear wing, doing a donuts around a (Corvette) cop car. It's exactly the sort of wild, fantastical thing that adrenaline-hooked, car-loving kids' dreams are made of.

But it isn't only a dream; apparently, an outfit by the name of Sekrit Studios is working to build a real-life version of the Polestar 1 depicted in the NFS: Heat cover art. The renderings from artist Khyzyl Saleem that the team is working from depict an even crazier version of the Saleem design that appear on the cover art, with big, yellow dive planes mounted behind the front wheels and bright yellow wheel lips against a dark gray car. It's truly a sight to behold.
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actually happening!! Yet another bodykit I designed, this time for @needforspeed becoming a reality! - - The process of this thing getting made really is quite something, such a tight deadline as well, you got this guys!!! - - All thanks to @sekritstudios & his incredible team! @polestarcars @needforspeed @killagram @lazorj @rotiform - - #art #design #3d #polestar1 #needforspeed #nfs #real #rendertoreal #sekritstudios #kyza #ks #speedhunters #khyzylsaleem #ghostgames #lto #livetooffend[/URL]

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So far, the only indicators we have of Sekret Studios' progress are a couple of close-up photographs of the Polestar 1's front end, with unpainted front fender flares fitted. In an Instagram post, Khyzyl mentions a "tight deadline," which we take to mean that the NFS: Heat Polestar 1 is likely being built for a SEMA Show debut. Given this, Polestar itself is probably onboard with the build, and that would explain how Sekrit Studios was able to procure an example so soon after the start of production.
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I guess the cats out the bag now!! The Polestar-1 Cover car I designed for @needforspeed will now be built and brought to life in the flesh by @sekritstudios!!! - - The renders shown here are my original design, slightly different to the in-game version, with a little more craziness/aggression. Cannot wait to see how this turns out @killagram !! - - #art #design #3d #polestar1 #needforspeed #nfs #real #rendertoreal #sekritstudio #speedhunters #khyzylsaleem #ghostgames #lto #livetooffend[/URL]

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We can't wait to see what the finished product looks like in-the-flesh, but for now, the handful of high-quality renderings and build progress photos will have to do.

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