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thats a pretty nice setup...
while we're on the topic of systems here...
pretty soon (about a month) i'm going to be taking my old system out of my old saab because my dad doesn't want it in there (too complicated for him)...

its a pioneer premier headunit with the dual face flip-down front (can get the specs later), a 12" W7 subwoofer, a phoenix gold 500 watt amp, and a big capacitor so your lights don't dim out when the sub hits...

it's some serious power even with the lower watt amp (i didn't get any higher wattage because i'd like to keep some of my eardrums haha)

i spent about $2300 on the system and i'm not going to put it into the R, so i'm going to sell it, i'll probably put it on EBay, but i wanted to see if there was any interest here either, it's in good shape (minus one scratch, two screw holes in the box, and one missing little plastic flap thing on the amp, but none of that affects performance at all)... i was hoping to sell it for around $1200 or best offer (that i approve of obviously haha) if anyone is interested let me know and i can try and get some pictures and a date i'm going to be taking it out of the car and everything... it's one sick, perfectly functioning system you'll be getting for basically half price (with some use but it was well taken care of)

thanks guys
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