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Ok! Today, I do the ABS unit. Weather should permit and all should be well.

My only questions are:

1. Cigarette lighter stopper working and I can no longer charge my phone. What fuse is it? Manual is UNCLEAR.

2. These HEATED SEATS!! When they FIRST turn on, they are hot and wonderful and all is right with the world. But then, after 10-20 minutes, they turn OFF.. and they DO NOT come back on!!! :confused: .. my passenger GREATLY enjoys these seats, and is used to the backseat of a Lincoln Town Car where they apparently do not turn off, nor burn the seat. I am beginning to think they should stay that maximum hot temperature, just before it turns off, for longer.

^ And messing with the heater controls and interior (non-seat) temperature, even for an extended period of time, also turning seat back on/off.. CANT get it to "automatically warm back up if it has to." What is the best way to keep them hot for as long as they are turned on? Thanks!

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You've bought a car with a lot of issues.
For your lighter, try this: With the key OFF, take a small needle nose pliar and CAREFULLY try to pull up on the contact on the bottom of the lighter socket, (just a little bit).

These cars for the most part do not like chargers, they push the contact down and lose the connection.
It's possible the fuse is blown but try this first.
(I do not know off the top which fuse it is, read the inside of the fuse box).
Once a charger is plugged in, you should just leave it in and not take it in and out.

As for your seat heater, something has failed. It should come back on when it cools down.
The P2 cars stay at a steady heat setting, they do not shut off and on

You can always turn them off and on every 20-30 minutes
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