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This is the first time postings pics to the site. So bare with ne. I will be editing the post with more info

Most parts are from my 2004 s60r, may fit other vehicles. Please do your research. I have tried to describe items as best as possible and take decent pics. Some parts may be well wanted and some may be trash. Idk, up to you. Reach out if any questions! Thanks for looking

S60r parts for sale https://imgur.com/a/SgX41IJ

1- 2004 s60r rear passenger control arm/shock perch with broken bolt inside. Can be drilled out, maybe it is junk ir can cone in use for someone. $15 plus shipping

2- 2004 headlamp wiper motors driver and passenger, not sure if interchangeable. Also not sure if they work, took them off as soon as i took the car home, car had 83,500 miles. 35 plus shipping for both

3- driver side head lamp. Included are All wiring, ballast and bulbs with sockets, missing hid lamp and retaining spring for it as well, glass seems in great shape, did not see any cracks, broken tabs, only fender tab qnd headlamp washer tabs are ok. Some over spray, should come off farely easy 120 plus shipping

4-:05 and up cup holder. Some crut included inside, door works well. Broken light clip inside. It is the way i bought it, only changed bc i found a aluminum one. 50 plus shipping

5- 04 center console someone painted parts silver, idk why. Car was severely neglected, broken armrest, no cup holder. Has the insides of armrest also 35 plus shipping

6- 05 and up armrest in black, padding seems low, aome crinkles, 30 plus shipping

7- license plate bracket, 20 plus shipping

8-SOLD.... android radio, with mounting kit and harnesses, went to oem, it worked, pretty responsive, idk the brand or specifics. I only know it has kit kat 4.4, you may be able to update it. Play store, netflix etc etc. Edit***. Figured out the brand, pumpkin kd-co224. $40 plus shipping

9- sonic blue eye brows or eye lids, were not on the car when i bought the car, but in the trunk, not my thing. But maybe it is yours , 50 plus shipping.

10- 04 driver side fog lamp cover looks in great condition, looks like all tabs are in tact. Was on the car but did the r kelly mod, 20 plus shipping

11- fender turn signal harnesses, worked nonproblem, got new lenses and came with new ones. 10 plus shipping for both

12- 04 manual shifter plate, needs some tlc, perfect candidate to paint over. Some scrwtching and some weird off color on a area lol. Idk, only if this car can talk lol. 30 plus shipping

13- 2 license plate frames, chrome, one was mounted for a week and other seems new in package, no bolts. 15 plus shipping for both

14- 04 e brake handle in nordkap, scrwtched and has small tears. 15 plus shipping

15- eibach lowering springs. Not sure of mileage, do not appear to be rusted and destroyed. 110 plus shipping. Shipping is prob wroubd $45 alone
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