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SOLVED 04 XC90 another parasitic draw

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Hang on here with me,, sorry for the long post... Hey guys, kinda new here so please be lenient. I work mostly on German and American cars. This is my second xc90, first was a 2011, current is a 2004 T6. Long story short, when I got the car it needed the CEM repaired due to water damage. Got it done through xemodex. Car started and ran great with a new battery but has srs, brake assist, anti skid and bulb failure messages on dash. Also occasionally has security alarm system message. Driver door window and mirror doesn't work, also won't unlock unless you use the key in the door. Driverside rear door doesn't lock/unlock at all unless inside using the little knob on top. Idk if my DDM is bad or if it's electrical issues causing my multiple driver side door issues. Any advice? But the MAIN ISSUE is I parked it over the weekend and now my battery is dead. When I put the key into the ignition the rear cargo relay RMA3 (for my rear window defroster) clicks like crazy and the power in the entire car flickers and then just dies. Now my battery only has 9.67 volts and the car has no power what so ever. NONE. Turn the key and nothing, no dash, no interior lights, nada. The car makes a buzzing sound from the CEM area while just sitting there that freaked me out so I disconnected the battery in fear and it stopped. Obviously it's getting power but not in a good way...Battery is currently charging, there was no change when I set the charger to jump start and tried to start the car. Same thing happened. WHAT IS GOING ON????? I haven't found any blown fuses yet but I did discover an old blown 10amp fuse near the cargo fuse/relay box laying underneath...no fuses missing or blown in the fuse box. Any help is greatly appreciated.
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Really need to get the vehicle codes identified with something that reads Volvo modules. Given the age, siren module probably has an internal failure but for the rest you'll want a reader. Battery- notorious for promoting odd behaviors if it's old, tons of posts on this.
I personally think you're basically doing just that at the moment as you "guess" why your vehicle is acting oddly in multiple directions without having all of the error messages in hand.

I had asked about the battery for a reason, is it original? Volvo part with a WWYY stamped on the negative terminal if yes. If your battery is original, replacement is the first thing I would do.

Siren is highly likely failed due to an internal NiCad battery leak, the module just needs replaced.

Both alternator and battery can be tested by any content shop and some auto stores, often for free. No need to guess there...

You mentioned having keys made, the folks who did it never provided you with all the codes the vehicle is producing? If they did, please post and I'm sure it'll help pinpoint the problem(s) and give you a place to start.

Last but not least, you read up on the known T6 issues before you bought the vehicle so you are aware what you have transmission-wise, right?

I'll keep an eye on this one and see if I can assist as you move forward but codes are a must in my opinion (after answering the battery question).
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Cool, thanks for the reply. I'll noodle on this some more.
As this vehicle is a 2004, you can omit the sat receiver from the equation. Think 2007 is first year for this option.
@SwissXC90 is giving you some decent advice. This is a 17 year old vehicle and you've already experienced an alarm system malfunction indication. Even just as a baseline before you head off into mass fuse pulling.
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