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Yes thats right, for sale is a TWM Performance short shift kit.

For those of you that don't know, TWM Performance may or may not have gone out of business last year, according to this thread and others:


That all being said, I'm really not sure if these can be had new anymore. This one was purchased in 2010 and is in pristine condition - it was in the caR for the past 9 years without any issues. It comes with all the original hardware needed EXCEPT a center punch (you'll have to use your own). I will include a printout of the instructions as well.

This kit is different from Snabb's kit (which I'm sure is great) in that it replaces the counterweight on top of the transmission, and so does not shorten the actual length of the shifter shaft, just the throw. I believe it is a 33% shorter throw. There are threads out there showcasing.

I can assist with the install if needed.

Looking for SOLD shipped or best offer.

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