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Gateway 500, so this does NOT have bluetooth compatibility.

Coming out of my 2008 987S, but I know many Volvo owners have used the Gateway 500. Densions website shows compatibility with a few Volvo models. Original product link: http://shop.dension.com/en/gateway-500
Install writeup by another member: https://forums.swedespeed.com/showthread.php?102045

Includes USB adapter and older style ipod/iphone connector.

Tested and works with my iPhone 4S and 2nd Gen Nano, both which use the older style connector.

Include cable for splicing into power, but does not include the fiber optic cable kit. You only receive what I have pictured.

Replacement parts and additional components can be purchased from Dension: http://shop.dension.com/gateway-accessories

Selling because it came installed in my car when I bought it and I have since removed the radio and all associated components.

Asking $150 shipped within Continental US.

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