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(SOLD) 2017 V60 Polestar Wheels

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Hello Swedespeed, I'm selling a set of 20' 2017 Volvo V60 Polestar wheels.

Bolt pattern - 5x108

Tread - Michelin Pilot Super Sports (will need to be replaced)

Current tire size - 245/35R20

Wheels come with tire blankets (carry handles are on all 4)

Looking for semi-local pick-up but I'm willing to negotiate shipping. Shipping will be added to the price. They're around 65LBS each, my zip code is 28270. Depending on how far away you are, I would be willing to deliver the wheels. Since the tires are going to need to be replaced, I'm also willing to remove the tires for an added cost.

Asking $1250

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I'm not in the market for these but others may be if you add the price...!
Oh my lord, thank you. having a price would definitely be helpful!
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Darn.. wish you were in NJ
Hey, we might be able to work something out? PM me, I'll see what I can do!
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