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For sale is my 2010 V50 R-Design T5 AWD M66 (I know its a mouthful). Currently has just over 125,000 miles and will slowly climb as its my daily driver when I'm not driving my work van. I'm looking to get $8000 for the car. Not in a rush to sell and price is pretty firm. Can help work out shipping if you're interested in that. Located in Cincinnati, OH


Options on the car include:

  • HID Active Bending Lights
  • Climate Package with Heated Front Seats, Automatic Windshield Wipers and Headlight Washers
  • Preferred Package with Sunroof, Powered Passenger Seat and Keyless (Passive or Proximity) Entry and Ignition
  • Full Leather Seats
  • And of course the R-Design Package

Maintenance I've recently done on the car:
  • New Nexen All Season Tires installed less than a month ago after blowing out 2 on the highway
  • Oil change in the last 1000 miles with Mobil1 Full Synthetic 5w30
  • New OEM Turbo TCV at the same time as the oil change
  • New Set of 5 OEM Volvo spark plugs at the same time as the oil change
  • New OEM Xenon HID headlight bulbs after the right side bulb began throwing an error
  • New Front Position Sensor for the Headlight Leveling System, without it the Headlights were aimed very low (the reason for the blowout on the highway)
  • New OEM Volvo windshield wipers when I first purchased the car

Maintenance that was completed by the previous owner (as I was told)

  • Both Front Wheel Bearings replaced at 75,000 miles
  • Cabin Air Temperature Sensor replaced at 85,000 miles
  • Interior removed except headliner to repair the infamous Leaking Sunroof Drains at 90,000 miles. Interior was cleaned and replaced as needed
  • Toyo Tires, Alignment, Front and Rear Brake Pads and Rotors, Timing Belt, Water Pump, Serpentine Belt, Spark Plugs, and Engine and Transmission Fluid all replaced at 105,000 miles

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