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Location: Ventura County, CA
Price: $6500 OBO
VIN: YV1SW612271653163
Mods: None
Accident History: Fender bender in 2012 responsible for scratched bumpers. See AutoCheck report: View attachment V70 vin report.pdf

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This is a 2007 V70 2.4 in Mystic Silver 426 with a charcoal interior. I purchased it at 148k miles back in November and it now has only 151k. I just wanted a project car to clean up and get familiar with P2 Volvos. It is now in great condition, with a mint interior, T5 front seats, wood sport wheel, GROM bluetooth unit. The bumpers could use a respray, but I touch up painted them with 426 and you can barely notice it. I’ve got a OEM spoiler (with brake light), 426 spray paint and clear coat in a box waiting to be installed.

It is priced according to all the work done and the gorgeous rebuilt interior, I absolutely taking a loss on this. All required maintenance is done, along with plenty of preventative work. No expense was spared making this car the best version of itself. If you want an immaculately clean, worry-free wagon to safely haul your family, road trip or commute to work; this is it. I had a great time rebuilding and upgrading this car, now you get to enjoy it. Please feel free to offer what you think is fair.

Maintenance/Preventative Care
  • Previous owner replaced the timing belt on time
  • New brakes
  • New struts and spring seats
  • New control arm bushings
  • Replaced both entire headlight assemblies
  • Replaced both entire side mirror assemblies
  • Replaced anti-skid system
  • Replaced sunroof assembly
  • Replaced rear hatch lock
  • Replaced gas cap and lock
  • Complete OEM 150k maintenance
  • Transmission oil flush
  • New IPD eggcrate grille and badge
  • OEM Volvo roof rack and THULE crossbars
  • Replaced various exterior rubber trim pieces
Interior Refresh
  • Installed GROM unit to give native bluetooth
  • Installed OEM rubber mats + tunnel cover
  • Replaced rear bench
  • Replaced all door panels
  • Replaced carpet, insulation, and carpet panels
  • Replaced lock pins with IPD silver pins
  • Replaced dash cowl and front door handles with OEM sport leather ones
  • Replaced wiper and signal control stalks
  • Replaced AC vents
  • Replaced shift knob with OEM sport wood shifter
  • Replaced steering wheel with OEM sport wood wheel
  • Replaced center console with upgraded XC version
  • Touch up painted scratches on bumpers
  • Had entire car professionally steam cleaned twice
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