now sold, thank you!
After a ton of work, it's time to let this V70R go, to pay for the new to us Tesla currently on its way from Hawaii.
This is an 07.5 Magic Blue / Gobi Auto V70R. It has A LOT of new parts on it and has a few issues I never got around to fixing.

New in the last year:
Water pump
Timing Belt
All motor mounts
Shimmed block
Ignition coils
Spark plugs
Full pcv system
New throttle body
New seat heater elements (after replacing full interior with seats w/o seat heaters)
New 4C suspension with hardware
New tires
All brakes (Pads/rotors)
2 new Volvo key Fobs
New clockspring
New Blower motor
New Driver's axle
Recently fixed minor oil leak
Probably a bunch of other stuff too.

Current issues:
Needs windshield replacement
Has small bits of paint coming up on trim that runs the length of the wagon. (was apparently replaced from a silver car, then painted magic blue)
Was in a small accident with damage above rear driver's wheel. As seen in pics.
Front bumper could use new mounting brackets on the ends.
Needs fog lights (I have the new trims, just no lights)
Has a stripped sunroof screw, but still works as is.

It currently has 196,000 or so miles.
It has no errors on the dash and no errors in vida.

Happy to share more pics/info if necessary. Will work with shipping the car as well. Clean title, in my name and can have it smogged, no problem.