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I have posted my V50 for sale (with photos and all that has ever been done to it ) on Craig's list. $3750. The price, of course, is obo, and is an average of the KBB and NADA values. It has 102,000 miles and I use it daily; there are a few issues that need attention. These are listed below.

The link is:


Color: white (ext); black (int); silver grey (head liner)
Transmission: 6 speed manual
Condition: good (see below)
Location: Houston, Texas
VIN#: YV1MJ682252094881
Factory Options:
Climate Package and Bi-Xenon Headlights
(Heated front Seats/ Headlight Washers/Rain sensors)
Premium package
(Power Moonroof /Black Leather Interior/ Power/Memory Driver's Seat Power Passenger Seat)
Convenience Package
(Homelink/ Roof Rails/ Auto Dimming/Compass Rearview)
Audio Package
(Premium sound system/ 6 speakers/6 CD play)
17” alloy wheels
Pirelli tires, 20,000 miles. Rotated per specs.

WORK DONE ON CAR (in addition to normal wear and tare and factory scheduled services):
Tinted windows
Oil filter housing replaced (06/24/2008)
Replaced CD player (1/27/2009)
Replaced LH lower Control Arm (05/07/2010)
RH engine mount replaced (05/07/2010)
Replaced ignition coils (12/15/2011)
Replaced both front struts and RH lower control arm (12/15/2011)
Replace fuel pump (8/23/2012)
Replaced leaking breather box (09/07/2012)
Replace PEM and install wiring harness (09/07/2012)
Replace ignition switch (11/22/2013)
Replace upper strut bearing on both sides )11/22/2013)
Replaced spark plugs (11/22/2013)
Headliner replaced, (8/26/2014)
Replaced front and rear brake pads (10/21/2015)
Replaced A/C Clutch (3/25/2016)
Replaced alternator (3/25/2016)
Replace ambient pressure sensor (4/14/2016)
Timing belt changed (6/24/2016; 87,489 miles)
Replaced radio (10/11/2016)
Replaced right head light module (10/11/2016)
Replaced fuel pressure sensor (10/17/2016)
Replaced right engine mount and pad (3/6/2017)
Replaced front CV boot (3/6/2017)
Replaced left head light module (9/21/2017)
Replaced fuel pressure sensor (9/21/2017)
New spark plugs (11/1/2017)
Replaced electrical wiring harness and control unit in driver door (4/17/2018)
Cleaned sunroof drains (7/3/2018)
Replaced rear sway bar link rods (7/3/2018)
New battery (01/01/2019)

PROS: Rare car; low mileage for age; single owner; car had an extended warranty until it was 11 years-old; every single scheduled service done (have invoice for everything that was ever done to the car); only Volvo parts used; always garaged both at home and at work; never flooded (this is Houston); non- smoker; clean CARFAX report.

ISSUES: When the temperature is above approximately 75F, it has a rough warm-up/idle which will throw a CEL for misfiring in all cylinders. It lasts about 10 seconds during the engine warm-up/high idle. As soon as RPMs come back down, it runs smooth again and it does start every time with no issues. If you turn off the engine a couple of seconds after ignition and restart, it isn’t rough anymore. I had it evaluated by 2 Volvo dealers and 1 independent Volvo technician and they said they had no idea what was the problem. A second independent Volvo technician measured the compression of each cylinder and found that compression is down on #4. Verified that problem was not coils or spark plugs. So they claimed that they would need to pull the engine apart to figure out what was the problem. I have not done this. Repeat~ONLY DOES THIS WHEN OUTSIDE TEMP IS HOT (greater than 75oF).
The rear shocks need to be replaced
About 8 years ago, I rear ended an SUV that stopped in the middle of an intersection. As the light had only just turned green, I had only begun moving, so damage was cosmetic (dent front left). It was repaired at a Volvo dealer. No problems since.
Some scratches on body work; note rear right above wheel.
Wheels have some scratches.
Tiny crack in windshield since the car was one month old; I had it immediately stabilized, and it hasn’t changed since (almost 14 years)
One of the headlight washer covers was stolen about 6 months ago while I was at the grocery store
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