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For sale: 2004 Volvo S60R
Mileage: 97,500
Exterior Color: Passion Red
Interior Color: Gobi Leather
Transmission: M66 (Manual 6 speed)
Condition: See notes below, non-smoker
Factory Packages: 18” Pegasus Rims, Premium Package (Sunroof + Upgraded Stereo), Climate Package (Heated Seats + Auto Rain Sensor)
Location: College Park, MD 20740
Contact: Wes Allbright [email protected]
Price: $7700

I am selling my 2004 Volvo S60R with 97,500 miles. The car is currently being garage kept in College Park, MD (Go Terps!). I am the third owner of this car and have had it since July 2011 at 49,000 miles. I purchased it from its previous owner in Virginia. Since owning this vehicle I have done routine oil changes every 5-7k miles with Mobile 1 Synthetic 10w-30. Throughout my ownership I have taken this vehicle to Ed Coby’s Auto Service in Annapolis, MD for routine maintenance. I am selling this car to save for Graduate School, and I have a car to borrow for the foreseeable future.

This car has one accident, which was during my ownership. I rear-ended an SUV at low speed, which required the car to be towed. The car’s front bumper, radiator stack, hood, fog lights, and a headlight were replaced. Airbags did not deploy and the frame was not damaged. The car was repaired at Gott’s Auto Body in Annapolis, MD, and I have the records of everything replaced on the vehicle. The accident was at 73468 miles and has not shown any side effects after the repair that I have noticed. During the repair I purchased and had installed an aftermarket Viva Intercooler. I just purchased an AutoCheck report for my car, but the report doesn’t list the accident on it. I have a carfax report a friend of mine ran about a year ago which shows a record of the accident. Both of these reports can be found on the link near the end of this ad.

The car has a few modifications installed:
  • 3” Phuzzy motorsports downpipe with high flow catalytic converter and exhaust cutout option (currently blocked with a bolted metal plate)
  • 3” Mandrel bent cat-back exhaust with Magnaflow resonator + muffler designed and installed by Mandrel Bending Solutions in Pasadena, MD. The car sounds amazing, especially when pushed, but does have some background noise at higher highway speeds. I still have the factory exhaust components (stock downpipe and catback) if the next owner wants to revert the setup to stock, or scrap the pieces.
  • The Viva intercooler mentioned above was installed following the exhaust installation.
  • Snabb Turbo intake pipe
  • Viva Silicone Intercooler hose kit
  • Boost gauge with Viva air vent gauge pod. I modified this air vent to toggle the boost gauge backlight when changing the open-ness of the airflow setting.
  • To increase audio compatibility in the car I installed the USA-Spec iPod interface with both iPod 30-pin connector and 3.5mm audio jack. I have an android phone so have only really used the audio cable, which works well.
  • Very recently I have installed a used 2005+ model year center console to replace the stock one which was fairly scratched up and had a broken cup holder door. This newer center console looks a lot nicer and goes well with the other Aluminum touches in the cockpit.
  • I installed a dual USB charging port to the left of the cigarette lighter in the console stack. This can easily be reverted to stock if desired.
  • Previous owner installed a window tint at a Volvo dealer. I am not sure what the tint level is but it looks to be in good condition and I like the level of tint. Never been a problem with the law in MD (35% limit).
  • Vibrant 11619 J-Style Oxygen Sensor Restrictor for downpipe O2 sensor.
  • IPD Poly upper engine mount
  • IPD DEM heat shield

A few areas of the car do need to be repaired/replaced if desired:
  • The left side bolsters on the front two seats has separated at the thread seams. This parts the leather pieces and can be re-stitched.
  • Upon starting the vehicle a message states, “alarm system service required” for the first ~10 seconds. I believe this is related to the small battery in the alarm module in the front of the car, as it has been reported that this battery can fail after 10 years and make the unit malfunction with this message. The car alarm does not accidentally trigger and the sunroof still opens and closes normally (some known side effects).
  • The Check Engine light occasionally illuminates (around half the time) with code P0420 (Catalyst efficiency below threshold). This looks to be related to the aftermarket catalytic converter but could be the O2 sensor giving an improper reading. This light has only started to show during the last few months and has not affected how the car behaves. I purchased a Vibrant Oxygen Sensor Restrictor to see if this would appease the Check Engine Light, but it has returned after a month or so. I recently had the emissions tested (in MD they check using the OBD2 port) and passed without error on the first try.
  • The Volvo Hu-803 head unit has trouble playing CD’s and says “CD ERROR” when trying to read one after a few minutes of playback. I have not tried to fix this since the iPod adapter I installed is what I listen to most of the time. I have also noticed within the past few months that the head unit will sometimes change input even though the selector knob is not being touched (maybe about once/twice a week.) Not sure if this is related to the CD ERROR which has been present for the last couple years. After changing the input back to the desired input it seems to stay for the rest of the ride, even if the rest of the drive is a while.
  • I have recently noticed the sunroof makes a noise when closed. This will happen when I am driving fast on the highway and go over small bumps in the road. It appears that the sunroof glass moves up about a quarter of an inch to make the noise. This is not as apparent when the sunshade is closed (I think this helps keep the air pressure below the glass more constant, holding the glass down more easily), or when I am driving at less than high highway speeds. The sunroof will tilt open and slide back normally, and will not make the noise when out of the closed position.
  • The primary wireless key has a metal key with flip out action. The metal key has trouble staying in the closed position.

Cosmetic Condition:
  • Interior: The seats are in good condition except for the parting of the side bolsters in the front. The carpets are in good condition except for the driver’s carpet has a hole where my clutch heel sits. The carpet right in front of the driver seat also has parted in a specific spot. Center console looks great after being replaced with the 2005+ model.
  • Exterior: Paint is in good condition but has a scuff right above the grill. The bottom of the front bumper has some scuffs but is not very noticeable. There is also a scuff on the rear bumper on the driver’s side.

  • Second set of 18” Volvo Pegasus rims. These are the originals to the car and have some noticeable bends. I purchased a second set off craigslist and had them straightened (at TAS wheels in Laurel, MD) and installed with the latest set of tires. The next owner can decide if they would rather straighten the originals and keep the rims as spares or resell them.
  • Stock exhaust system (Downpipe and catback) is included if desired.
  • I have I believe 5 extra MANN oil filters I have for future oil changes, will need to check.

Major maintenance notes:
  • Transmission replaced with refurbished one (with 20k miles) and new clutch at 49852
  • Angle Gear Collar Sleeve replaced at 63711
  • DRT Slotted Rotors and Hawk HPS pads installed at 75952
  • Timing belt + water pump replaced at (MILEAGE to be entered)
  • Central Electronics Module replaced at 77047
  • Ignition Coils replaced at around 80000
  • Parking brake assembly replaced at 95000
  • Continental Extreme Contact DWS-06’s installed at 95000

There are many other maintenance records for this car during my ownership in a thick folder. I also have an excel spreadsheet of the items. I will be adding the timing belt mileage as I have lost my copy of the receipt for that item. I am getting another copy of that receipt from my mechanic soon.

If you have any questions about this car don’t hesitate to respond to this thread or email me at [email protected]. I respond more quickly to emails than PM’s. I want to be completely upfront about the state of this car to make it easier for both parties. If requested, a pre-purchase inspection can be set up. Title in hand, no liens.

Full picture album and VIN checks link: https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0BwDOG6pp2ijqdkM0cFFoczhqekE&usp=sharing



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Car is still for sale. Found the receipt for the timing belt, timing belt tensioner, water pump, and idler pulley, all were done at 55,660. Updated mileage is noted in picture below. Also have a picture of the 4 extra rims.


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Car sold today!
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