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Robert Cruickshank
Volvo V70r
Passion Red, Gobi Sand
6-speed Manual Transmission
Excellent for mileage, non-smoker
premium sound, heated seats, HID headlights
Long Beach, NY
VIN: YV1SJ52Y042382945
Selling Price %7500
Contact Information: [email protected], 703-568-8379
Modifications: None
Accident history: none
Maintenance history: Factory standard maintenance guidelines been followed.

This is a gorgeous 2-owner car with 6-speed manual transmission and factory navigation which are nearly impossible to find together along with 3rd row seat! Car was special ordered from Sweden and had 1 sole Volvo mechanic and was washed by hand for 1st 130K miles. Synthetic oil changes every 5k miles. Car is in excellent condition for mileage. Has minor scratches/paint blemishes. New master cylinder, rear brakes, control arms, ball joints, F & R stabilizer links, Driver's axle shaft, mass air sensor, passenger rear wheel bearing, accelerometer, front struts, backup light switch, rear latch solenoid, headlight ballast and bulb, emergency brake shoes. 4 snow tires are 10 - 20% remaining. Also including cargo mat and 2 unmounted snow tires > 50% and 1 snow > 30%

See pics here: http://v70r.com/forums/index.php?app=classifieds&module=core&do=view_item&item_id=89
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