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Still available

If still available, is it a manual or automatic? Any pics?

This im listing on behalf of my friend. This is a one owner Volvo 164e that was painted once and the paint job didn't come out that well and so it sat. Shop closed, years passed and car sat. Now needs fresh gas put in and new battery. Good thing is it has been stored under a shed and has no rust. Interior is pristine. Tries are like new (maybe wrong size but all matching). He says the air conditioner even worked well. Again, this is still a project. During the paint job being done years ago, the gas tank was sent out to be redone and it was installed but never put gas in. Perhaps with some fresh fluid, priming and new battery it should come to life.

Price is $2500 or best offer. Car is in Dallas. TX Clean and clear TX original title dating back to the 70s.

email me for pictures

[email protected]
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