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*** SOLD *** Staying in California a few hours south in the Ventura area.

It's time to cut this one loose folks, I had great plans for it but I've been saddled with lots of unexpected medical debt as of late. It's a great base to either start a full restoration or do the essential overhauls and get back on the road as is.

Early production 1968 P code 220, 8500 produced in total that year, not sure on number imported to the US.
B20 with an M40 (no overdrive), 4.56 Dana 30 rear differential.
Dual circuit brake system with booster.
Later style steering wheel, headrest seats, hazard lights.

The Good:
Original California car with original black plates and plate frames from selling dealer (Buena Vista Volvo). Clean CA title in hand.
Complete car cosmetically, repainted the original color decades ago, no trim missing from body or windows.
Interior is complete, black seats in excellent condition, grey carpet kit installed in excellent condition, headliner intact (a few small tears).
Matching 4.5 inch estate only rims (.5 inch wider then coupe/sedan).
Never drilled for roof racks.

The Bad:
Car has sat outside covered for 20 years. Paint and rubber seals reflects this, various imperfections.
Car has not ran in 20 years. Brakes and clutch go to the floor. Emergency brake operational.
Minor rust in all the common estate areas except lower channel below tail gate.
Needs tires all around, cracking and mismatched, still hold air.
Ignition/charging system needs addressed. Alternator conversion available.
Dash pad needs replaced, dash has aftermarket stereo installed.

I'm currently asking $4,250 OBO as it sits. Located in Atascadero, CA.

If I do get around to making this a running car the price will increase substantially. Message me here for contact info if seriously interested.


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I've had a few inquiries on what it would take to make this a runner. In my opinion it needs a fuel system overhaul (tank and carbs), if it were me I'd pull the head off to inspect and clean the cylinder bores as air cleaners were left off the carbs (it does spin freely though and the oil in it doesn't look terrible), charging system is not installed, ignition system is questionable and the car came with no keys.

Also, this car does have minor rust in all the usual wagon areas EXCEPT the lower channel under the lower tail gate. There is most likely rust in the floors in some areas but the carpet is glued down and the undercoating intact.

Just being transparent here. I'm not giving this away but I know it needs a fair bit of professional work if you want it perfect, probably around 80 hours in your garage to make it a safe driver. What I do know is this is better then anything you'll find in other climates that have been sitting for this long and it's not missing anything wagon specific.
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