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** This is part2 of a two part post, the first may be found here: http://forums.swedespeed.com/showth...h-No-Warranty-–-Prologue-and-Areas-of-Concern

Having determined a car that meets your need and fits within your current and future budget, you might wish to gauge the current condition of your candidate vehicle and get a “feel” for what you’ll be getting into and likely spending on it.

Some questions to ask (get details on date and/or mileage if any question=yes):

-Front suspension work done? This will include any and all of the following: spring seat, bearing plate, strut, ball joint, lower control arms, end links.
-Rear bearings ever replaced (esp. if car is 2003-2006)?
-Steering work done? This will include any and all of the following: steering angle sensor, pump, rack, inner tie rod end, outer tie rod end, yoke preload adjustment.
-Fluid changes ever done? This will include any and all of the following fluids: brake, coolant, power steering, transmission (if yes, ask what transmission fluid was used, walk away if someone says Dextron or DEX or anything starting with a D), angle gear, AOC (special OE fluid with or without filter), rear differential.
-Engine work done? This will include any and all of the following: water pump, thermostat, fuel pressure sensor, MAF, O2 sensor, fuel pump, various other sensors (recall or service replacement).
-Auxiliary (serpentine) belt replacement with tensioner and all rotating hardware done?
-Timing belt (2.5, T6 only) changed? When and/or at what mileage?
-PCV service (2.5T, T6 only) ever done? When and/or at what mileage?
-Valve cover gaskets (V8 only) with or without fuel pressure sensor and/or PCV components?
-Transmission or transmission valve body or angle gear sleeve or angle gear or AOC pump ever replaced?
-Alternator/Regulator or Cabin Fan (fan and/or resistor) ever replaced?
-Sunroof leak (either side), flooding and any follow on damage (including but not limited to yaw sensor)?
-Driver side only water leak (2005-2006) ever occurred and was a TNN done to replace the driver side plenum cover?
-Any functional modules (CEM, ECM, DEM, TCM, ABS, etc. as examples,) ever replaced?
-Lock cylinder (cylinder gets worn out, and sometime an internal piece breaks and you can’t turn the ignition to POS II) ever replaced?

Other observations on this subject are absolutely welcome. The more (or less) the better…

Posted numerous times but this will give you an idea as to service intervals for scheduled maintenance that might have been already done or is pending (enter model year, model, select “xxxx Volvo Maintenance - All Models”: http://volvo.custhelp.com/app/homeV3 based on miles or kilometers on the car. And this link http://www.volvocars.com/us/own/explore/recall-information can display any recalls that are pending on the vehicle (you need to enter the full VIN).

Having followed these (or other) guidelines, and being of reasonable mind and with some level of objectivity, now’s the time to do (or get) an inspection of the vehicle. That’ll be the next thread.

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I must show some love and say thanks for this post, I'Ve used the link provided to get maintenance schedule, very useful.

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As I can confirm that no matter that I purchased new car in 2006 I changed almost all mentioned parts
in few years from first few months with CEM water entering to rear bearings ect.

I can add also some minor replacement very common on xc90.

1. Seat in car and drive slowly on parking and rotate steering wheel, open windows and listen for
sounds squeeek, creeek on slow turn move.
2. check fuel door hinge and closing mechanism if work
3. Seat side covers snap broke on all xc90 I see in my life
4. If car have 1 CD or 6 CD changer all is stop working (no possibility to repair)
5. Rear wiper motor is start workign bad (Indian bad quality factory) condensation inside as its closed hermetically. Need to make 2 small holes on metal cover after nice clean and grease.
6. Handle of rear door metal exle rusted (especially in salt street snowin countries)
7. Door closing mechanism on passenger door harness is made in Guangzhou China Delfi company - one side of Pins is hermetically closed other side not. LOL. Volvo have recall.
8. Parking sensors on humid weather not working allways
9. When the ATF oil is changed if ever? All other bevel gear oil, rear differential oil, AOC Haldex filter and oil changed? When?
10. Check if water windshield and rear pump working - front stop work frequently
11. ALL cars up to 2007 have plenum water cover bad and water entering as he mentioned. Fix I made bymyeself.
12.Check if all doors handles works from outside and inside - wire plastic snap - need new plastic part very expensive.
13. on 2.5t Filter oil body inside plastic spring snap - oil mixing with old one
14. DVD RTI Navigation opticals became dirty and stop working - very expensive repair
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