Big accidents aren't the only scary ones. Sometimes, even if you haven't been hurt, it's hard to know what to do next. So Volvo USA wants to help.

Known as Volvo Car Accident Advisor, the service is specifically intended for people who have not suffered any injuries and gives you guided accident documenting and digital insurance claims, as well as the number of repair services.

“For years, Volvo Cars has been immediately communicating with drivers and passengers as soon as a crash sensor is activated in the car to accelerate the emergency response process,” said Scott Doering, VP of Customer Care. “Now with Volvo Car Accident Advisor, the application can guide drivers on what to do next after the driver has confirmed to Volvo Customer Care that they are safe and without injury.”

After an accident, Volvo calls you to make sure that you aren’t injured and don’t need emergency services. Once you confirm that you’re uninjured, a link to an app can be sent to your phone that runs through the important steps to take after an accident. 

The app prompts drivers to take pictures of the accident scene, can help send out insurance claims, and help find a tow truck.

“We work hard with in-vehicle technology to eliminate or reduce the impact of crashes as much as possible,” said Doering. “In the event that an accident happens, we now have Volvo Car Accident Advisor that can walk Volvo Car owners through the entire process, from data gathering and insurance claim management all the way through collision repair. This program not only provides tremendous convenience, but will also help to ensure the car is repaired to Volvo Car’s stringent safety standards.”

Volvo worked with CCC Information Services to get this program off the ground and it will automatically be made available to all post-2015.5 Volvo models through the in-car SOS button. People who own pre-2015.5 vehicles can also access the service by calling (800)-550-5658.

Volvo Car Accident Advisor is a free service.