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Okay guys, in the beginning, we didn't build out more Vintage forums, mainly because we had no readership.

I believe we're going to be switching Swedespeed over to Zero Forum, which will allow us to use sub categories, and IM.

With the sub categories, I can now add much more specialized forums without making that first list just insanely long.

I'm thinking of leaving Events and Gatherings as is for now (those from Vortex know that we have regional forums within there on that site). However, I'm thinking of adding a whole classifieds subsection with all models included, and more car forums such as...

100 Series (140 & 160)
400 Series

In addition, I may do a Clubs section where recognized Volvo Clubs such as VCOA, VSA, Washington Volvo Club, or Chapters of larger clubs, can have their own dedicated forums in that section.

Any thoughts or suggestions on this?

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Nice....it is time for us to move on to a better (more advanced) forum.

I know what you mean by the GTG section...but I don't really think we need to have sub categories for that just yet since we don't have that many members posting events from different area everyday.

I was really hoping after those VCOA, VSA, Washington Volvo Club, and other clubs see our forum...they would all migrate over to SS. It would also be cool if they can have more RWD guys from BB and Turbobricks contributing on this forum.

Sometimes I wonder if they only know this site by its features and news than the forum itself.

Not sure...but I think we are heading towards a good direction, though. I mean c'mon, as of 10:05 PM April 17th, we already have 1360 members for the forum alone...granted, not all those who read the forum or just the features/news sections registered.
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