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so i changed my Transmission fluid........

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so friday got my tax refund...nice....so i decided to do some things to the car. saturday morning i went and bought a 4 (L or Quart...cant remember) jug of transmission fluid at the dealer, cost about 71 bucks. i decided to try the uplug method of the top cooler line. so i unpluged that and put in a 9/16 inch tube with some teflon tape around it and it fit perfect, then put the tube into a jug that i measured out. went to start car and fuild just starts pumping out, BLACK! not marron or brownish red, no, Black! even in the daylight held up to the sun, black. so after a little under 7 came out, it started to bubble and spurt so i turned off the car. reconnected the hose to cooler. and pulled dipstick. then i put in 5 fresh ( i had a 1 liter also) back in and a little of the old, plugged it and drove around the block.

at first i said wow this is better, then took a nap. later i woke up and went to get some icecream for the fiance needless to say i took the long way.......

now im 26 years old, i have a college education and the only word i can say to describe what my trasnmission felt like is ....BUTTER.........seriously...BUTTER.

i bought the car with 55K on it and after this change out its a new car! there is no telling when the car is shifting unless i look at the RPMs!

Great advise on doing this guys...thanks!

oh i also wash/ waxed her and put on the Volvo lug bolt covers cause mine were very rusted. and pulled the Headlight wiper fuse cause my passenger side is going crazy, outta sight outta mind....kinda lol
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Re: so i changed my Transmission fluid........ (DGBibo)

Quote, originally posted by DGBibo »
then i put in 5 fresh ( i had a 1 liter also) back in and a little of the old, plugged it and drove around the block.

As many have said, these cars are hard on transmission fluid and regular changes are a good idea. Putting some of the BLACK fluid back in was not however.
well think about it, was already in there and no damage to think of, i didnt have any more. i put 6 fresh and left 1 old, not a bad ratio i think. but your right.
Re: (DGBibo)

Hey DG for what you paid at the dealer you couldve gotten about 15 qts of 3309 from IPD and do a full flush and fill.. i paid about 80 bucks for a case and 3 qts same as OE ...
oh yeah, that leads me to a question.

it started to spurt and no more fluid after 6.5 Quarts, so i clearly didnt change it all out but since it runs so damn fine should i mess with it or just leave it.

i was planning to do a full drain and fill in fall. but dont think i need to at this point.
Re: (DGBibo)

i mean its just my opinion i could be wrong or just anal but just knowing i put back in a liter or so of contaminated fluid would bug me.. i'm guessing whatever junk was flowing in the old fluid is now mixing with the new fluid contaminating it .. that fluid isnt going to protect as it should.. but i'm pretty sure you get that part..so i would think not waiting to long to do a full one would be your best bet...
you guys must have OCD. do you know i drove with that fluid for 69K?

i replaced 1/3-1/4 of the fluid and will do more but she runs great, better than new. look at the plus, not the minor fact that i left in 2/3 of the original fluid.

sh*t! now i cant stop thinking of it! thanks!

oh and why did only 7 quarts come out when engine on?
Re: (DGBibo)

nah man i mean you do what you gotta do.. you know.. i aint trying to be mr smarty pants or nothing ..i mean i got my car with 43 grand and at 46 grand i flushed out the trans and that fluid was black as night so you know there's some serious shyt going on in that fluid .... so those are just my thoughts i dont impose my rule of thought on anyone.. but good luck man http://********************/smile/emthup.gif
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first off, where you at in Chicago? i live in Homewood, work in the South Loop, VanBuren.

second, i actually liked doing it so i already called dealer and he has 2 more jugs for me! lol im going to do the whole thing this weekend.

my question is, why did only 7 quarts come out?

i know your just looking out but i think the results are beyond what i could expect. now you got me thinking and i want to do it all!
Re: (DGBibo)

dont quote me on this but i think there's only about 7 litres so a lil less then 7 qts is in the tranny ... i just flushed and filled til it was completely clean and made sure the level was right..

and i work in the west loop off of randolph right down the street from harpo studios..
saw oprah at RL( Raplph Laurens Resturaunt) last week. lol

ok so I changed out about 5/7 of the fluid then? im ok with that for now i guess. next time ill make sure to have the full amont, but back to the original excitement....HOLY SH*T is it smooth now! lol thanks guys
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