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Sludge in Oil -- help!!

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I had my oil changed for my 80K mile tune-up about 300 miles ago at the dealer. And I just now decided to check the engine oil level and when I pulled the dipstick out there was this brown sludge all the way up and down the stick. Then when I looked down the oil stick hole there was sludge all the way down the hole. The sludge is this brown gooey stuff. Is this a problem? The dealer didn't say anything about it, and I only have about 4K left on my VIP comprehensive plan. My dealer never seems to find ANYTHING wrong even flat out blatant things. I am quite worried about it and I wanted to ask here first before I went to the dealer to inquire about why they didn't say anything about it. Thanks for the input.

Also the oil looks quite brown for being only 300 miles old (I use Mobile 1, at least I paid for it)...

Thanks in advance

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Sounds like you may be having a PCV issue. First thing is to replace the PCV valve and then clean as much of the condensate off of the dipstick and tube. I am also using Mobile 1 and can go 1000 miles+ before any significant change in color and clarity. Odds are the extra moisture in your engine contaminated the oil, or you could have been jipped at the last oil change. The problem may also be extra fuel in the engine as well as coolant, but I like to be the optimist when things like this come up.

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