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So, here we are. The beginning. I moved up from a 1996 Integra and have been in the process of upgrading my '04 S60R over the past year. So far here's where I'm at: Some parts installed, some in hand. At the moment poor girl is literally full both in the trunk and back seat with boxes. Trying to get the remaining rear suspension upgrade components I want before I tackle the remainder all at once. Have about another 1500 in handling components left which hopefully I can get knocked out by early February.

Black Dawn powder coated stock peg's.
K&N Intake
IPD strut brace conversion
IPD lowering springs
IPD HD spring seats
IPD HD control arms
IPD HD sway bar end links (front and rear)
IPD Track Spec sway bar kit
IPD rear chassis brace
Viva Vent mounted IPD R styled boost gauge
IPD polyurethane subframe bushing inserts
IPD Throttle body spacer
10mm front and rear wheel spacers along w/ extended bolts
New timing belt and water pump
New front passenger axle (freak occurance where the old one literally fell apart and was holding on by the boot alone)
New front shocks (4C)
Currently wrapped freshly powder coated rims in Hankook Ventus V12's awaiting wheel weights to finish off that part of the job.

I'm still figuring out the whole Forum thing, but I'm excited to get some pics up to show everyone where I'm at and how gorgeous she's looking already. :pic:

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Nice, welcome!
I loved my V12's when I had them, sadly for too short as they wore quickly. But, they were really fun.
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