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Re: (Short Circuit)

Quote, originally posted by Short Circuit »
What does upgrading end links do for a car? Can you feel the difference? What does it do better that stock links don't?!?!

The stock links or anti-sway bar rods wear fast. Specailly if you live in an area with bad roads. Volvo will simply replace them under warranty time and again until warranty runs out. After that it is the customer who can pay for the repair of this very bad quality part with an average lifespan of less that 20K miles. Keep in mind that the least play will cause unwanted noises in the suspension.

Slaters links are much stronger and should last a lot longer.
Many of the 850 and X70 classic folks have been using them for some time now and all are extremely happy with them. The front links of an 850 are similar to the ones used on the R's front suspension. The 850 doesn't use these links in the rear.

For gains there isn't that much to be expected from this upgrade. With a stock anti-sway bar and a lowered suspension you could influence the preload on the vulcanized sway bar bushings. With an aftermarket anti-sway bar there isn't load on the bushings. For some type's of autosport you could preload the bar but not for average street use.
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