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Slater End Links

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Slater has his sway bar end links out...

VERY VERY impressive! He has had P1 car links out for a while and new P2 links look just incredibly beefy.

$335 aint cheap, but I really think he has built a great product. I just can't see how the stock end links work right/effectively transfer the stresses from the upgraded sway bars I put on!
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Re: Slater End Links (cschmelz)

I have the IPD track sways and their HD endlinks (as well as Eibach springs).
Side hop is still there, but only disturbing in Comfort, just negligible in Sport and almost not discernable in Advanced.
It is truely a software issue, but these hardware improvements (installed for other reasons) made a huge difference.

I like that the Slater links are adjustable. Would have gotten them over the IPD.
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