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Slater End Links

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Slater has his sway bar end links out...

VERY VERY impressive! He has had P1 car links out for a while and new P2 links look just incredibly beefy.

$335 aint cheap, but I really think he has built a great product. I just can't see how the stock end links work right/effectively transfer the stresses from the upgraded sway bars I put on!
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Re: Slater End Links (mike_c70)

For those that know the mechanics of end links, do you believe that, IN THEORY, the end-links can be causing the side-hop of the P2 R cars? According to the link in this thread, their end-link is MULTIPLE times stronger than stock. If one were to install fronts & rears on the R cars, would it in theory prevent the deflection of said links and possible solve the hop problems as well as enhance the entire steering/driving experience?
Re: (Boomin850)

What does upgrading end links do for a car? Can you feel the difference? What does it do better that stock links don't?!?!
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