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New York, NY -- Sirius Satellite Radio, the satellite radio broadcaster, today announced service is now available in seven additional states.

"As part of our accelerated nationwide service roll out, Sirius today launched in Arkansas, Louisiana, Minnesota, Missouri, Nevada, Oklahoma and Utah, bringing the total number of states to 18," said Guy Johnson, Executive Vice President, Sales and Marketing, for Sirius. "We are right on schedule and very pleased with the progression of our service availability. Later this month, service will officially be available throughout the entire midwest region and we'll begin to move into the southeast."

In March, Sirius announced that it was moving up its nationwide service availability date by one month, to July 1 instead of August 1, and that it was increasing the scope of that acceleration to include entire states instead of just individual cities.

Service is already available in Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Iowa, Kansas, Montana, Nebraska, New Mexico, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wyoming in addition to Houston and Jackson, Miss., two of the original launch markets.

Sirius radios can be purchased at national retail stores such as Circuit City and Best Buy, as well as local car and audio retailers in selected markets.
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