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'Have hunted, searched, RTFMed. Is there a VOICE Command such as "show map" so that the map will display on our large center display w/o touching the navigation icon on the screen??? I truly miss that feature found on most other makes. :confused::mad::(

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Commands for the Navigation system:
"Navigation": starts a navigation dialog and displays examples of commands

"Take me home": gives guidance to the location set as Home.

"Go to [City]": a city as a destination, e.g., “Go to New York.”

"Go to [Address]": an address as a destination, e.g., Go to 125 Forty-Third Street, New York.

"Go to [contact]": a name from your phone book; sets contact’s address as destination.

"Go to [zip code]": a zip code as a destination, speak each number individually.

"Search [POI category]": to search for a point of interest (POI ) category, which is always sorted “Around the vehicle.” To sort the along your route say "Along route" when the list is displayed

"Search [POI category] in [city]": to search for a point of interest (POI ) category in a city. The results will be sorted according to their proximity to the city center.

"Search [POI name]": searches for a specific POI.

"Change state": changes the state in which a search is conducted.

"Add intersection": to set an intersection of two streets as a destination.

"Show favorites": shows stored destinations list in the instrument panel.

"Clear itinerary": deletes all destinations in an itinerary.

"Repeat voice guidance": repeats the most recent instruction.

"Turn off voice guidance": turns voice guidance off.

"Turn on voice guidance": turns voice guidance on.


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