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My new 01 V70T5 is due the first or second week in June. I live in the northwest and there is not a whole lot of snow in this area however my wife is leary of driving in the snow and I'm thinking of ordering an a set of 16" Metis wheels (i like the look of these wheels) and good snow tires for the winter. Then I could change out my tires in the winter and have perfomace tires on the 17" Amalthea's I have ordered with the car.

Is this overkill? Should I just try what I've got for a season? What about a 17" winter tire on the Amalthea wheels?

I have a chance to get the Metis for 25% off list, so with wheels it would be $879 for all four plus tires. I may also be able to add them to the car loan.

Make sense or am I crazy?

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