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I'm looking for replacement shock absorbers for my volvo. I did go to car par store but for me the 400 Eur per each absorber is to high price. So I found this on volvo part catalog but I'm not sure if they really fits.

Volvo Part: 9461631 or
Volvo Part: 9492049

Now I have these Rear Shock Absorber 9157306 , could not get the code from my part because of rust on it, but they are the same blue ones that i found on ebay.

What about v70 xc parts, I live in Latvia so I haven't seen no old AWD 98 around, but here are some XC driving around. I was thinking off used parts in this case.

v70 R AWD 98 2.3l with sun roof
So my cars Vin code is YV1LW5208W2412943
I would appreciate some help in my journey!
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