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Shifting, when?

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So I was driving my car from one lot to another today to get it closr to the dorm, and a friend came along with me (to laugh at my driving a stick)

Well I didnt stall, but almost did twice.

Anyways, seeing as my car has no tach, Im not really sure when to shift, and I feel like I am shifting too early and keeping the rpms too low.

So what would you guys reccomend as good "shift speeds"

my dad thinks i should
take 1st to about 20mph
take 2nd to about 30-35 mph
take 3rd to about 40-45mph
take 4th into about 50-60 mph

a friend who drives stick though says I should go about 10 mph less on average then my dad.
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Those are reasonable shifting speeds.

When I first got my 240, it didn't have a tach either. After I got one, I found that I had been shifting at around 3500RPM, because the noise the engine was making sounded like it was near redline! With the stock cam, though, that's not a bad shifting point.

If you want to find out how far you can rev the engine, hold it in first sometime until it hits the limiter (it will feel like the car just shut off), then let off and shift. This will give you an aural impression of how much room you have to work with.

Personally, I like to run the motor hard fairly often (high RPM) to keep carbon deposits from forming. 100K miles of low-RPM driving can affect your motor the same way a lifetime of lard can affect your heart. Pick up a tach from a pick-n-pull - they're cheap, and a good gauge to have.
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