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Shifting, when?

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So I was driving my car from one lot to another today to get it closr to the dorm, and a friend came along with me (to laugh at my driving a stick)

Well I didnt stall, but almost did twice.

Anyways, seeing as my car has no tach, Im not really sure when to shift, and I feel like I am shifting too early and keeping the rpms too low.

So what would you guys reccomend as good "shift speeds"

my dad thinks i should
take 1st to about 20mph
take 2nd to about 30-35 mph
take 3rd to about 40-45mph
take 4th into about 50-60 mph

a friend who drives stick though says I should go about 10 mph less on average then my dad.
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3000-3500 is where I always liked to shift, based on noise and seat-of-the-pants feel. Shifts seemed to work best around there (lower shifts ended up with struggling, and going higher left me with seemingly little power).

The one good thing about having a "noisy" engine: you can hear it working.

I need to get my wife to learn a general-purpose stick so I can get more rowing time than the none I get now. (She does fine with the shift lever, it's just the clutching that she has issues with.
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