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Re: Shifter won't come out of park? (harderbeats)

Quote, originally posted by harderbeats »
Greetings everyone..

Unbelievable night.. long story short I'm stuck in Reno (250+ miles from home) after having my R towed via Volvo OnCall to the dealership here. No matter what I try.. when I start the R and press the brake pedal.. my shifter will not go out of park. Insanely irritating.. made for a very intersting time getting the R onto the flatbed and off.

Question though.. has anyone dealt with this at all? I remember there being quirks on my old 98 T5 with the shiftlock. Anyone dealt with this problem? I'm stuck here until at least Monday.. any info would be great so I could pass on to the dealer here...


Sorry homie. Wish I could do something for ya. But unless theres a manaual override. Theres usually a switch above the brake pedal, however theres all this plastic under the dash.
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