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She's Gone (Sniff)

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Well, the time came. We just sold the R. While I have two more articles in the cue to cover Project 854R, the new owner picked it up today and hit the road for Dallas. He's a pretty cool guy, and I pitched Swedespeed on him, so maybe he'll come on here. I'd love to hear how his ownership goes.

That car will be sorely missed.
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Didn't you get an Infiniti? How's that going?

Originally posted by Evolvo:
Didn't you get an Infiniti? How's that going?
In September I got a Infiniti G20 which is also know as the Nissan Primera in the rest of the world. I love the new car but miss my Volvo. It has a full independent suspension that takes the corners so much faster than my brick but it needs more power to get going. I don't have the money to drop in the japanese turbo motor so that will have to wait. I am planing to change the G20 into a Primera, put on some 17s, and a body kit this year.

After I got my G20, my dad drove the 745ti for a week before it broke down. He bought a CL Type S and the 745ti sat in the driveway. I returned it to stock and kept all my mods except my custom grille. I donated it for a tax deduction but the people didn't pick it up until last Friday. It was a very sad day.

I think I'm going to buy a new turbo grill and put it up on my wall with the licence plates.
I'm here! Hi George sorry for the delay in reponding not only is your car (my car) performing like a dream, but I also have some performance enhancements planned for the future.

By the way, you are making me a local hero here in Dallas with my car featuring as one of the project cars on Swedespeed.com. Perhaps we can keep the project going.

Well Guys - let the games begin. Remember Speed Kills, but it only kills the guy left in the dust!!

Hey James,

You sound like a cool guy. Well, let's find out more about you. Is this your first volvo?I like your line, "Remember Speed Kills, but it only kills the guy left in the dust!!" I've lived up to that a few times. How do you like the 850r? Personally, it's one of my favorite, I have a 1996 850 TURBO (t-5). I have some work done to it, mostly a chip and no cats, and a mufler, intake... wastegate settings (thanks Kai) that makes a huge difference for $0.00.

Hopefully the project could stay alive! I would enjoy hearing updates on the car. It really gives people ideas and also it is a great inspiration. BTW, what are the 0-60 and 1/4 mile times of that car?

Good luck with the car, James.

Thanks for welcoming me to Swedespeed. Yes, this is my first Volvo, I believe the 850R was an excellent choice for my first Volvo. In the past, I owned several American Muscle Cars, but after becoming a family man I decided to venture into something a little more in line with my mature imagine (Yeah Right).

To date, I have not made it to the track to record 0-60 or 1/4 mile times, but believe me I hear that calling every night.

I have a 17-year-old stepson and his friends are always at my door asking for rides and races, yet I cannot find it within myself to race lowered and kitted Honda Civic and Accords. Yes, still stock with glass pack mufflers!? (Speed Kills)

Thus far, I am planning on adding Nology wires, Bosch 4 spark plugs, K&N filter, and adjust the waste gate. After these mods...I am looking at upgrading the Big Bore Throttle Body, Turbo Compressor Wheel upgrade, and Turbo Ductwork upgrade. I am also eying the Easternaerospace transmission torque convertor.

I as you can see, I plan on during a lot of Killing!!


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Hey James,

I was just looking through my receipts, and I realized that I have purchased an Eastern Aerospace Torque Converter and had it installed. As I recall, it made somewhat of a difference, but a really big... and cheap, difference is made with your wastegate settings adjustements.

I'm not sure if you have been told this site, but www.volvospeed.com is a wonderful site for do-it-yourselfers, so is www.volvotuning.com they have great comparison charts.

Good luck with the 850, here at this site, a couple of us have a bias against r1ce rockets, I would say that civics & accords are at the top of our lists... of course they will never come close to a well tuned 850 t-5 or R.
Yeah, these cars have the most amazing high speed performance, even with fairly light mods.
I have a full exhaust, weapon R and a throttle body, but even before the exhaust, the car was very noticably faster, quicker and better. Now with the exhaust, it just pulls like crazy.

850 T-5R Sedan
David, what exhaust do you have? I have come to the conclusion taht I need to buy one... I'm just not quite sure which to get...
I had mine custom made from a place in Bend, Oregon (I'm from portland). I'm going down there again over spring break so we can figure out a premade application.
We might be able to get you something made. A full system would be around 950+shipping. Beats the He11 out of a 800 dollar downpipe from sweden eh?

850 T-5R
haha, ya, you've got a point. Of course, I'm probably going to get a downpipe anyways. haha, I can't wait until I get this car done, it'll be fast as hell.

What's a good price for an exhaust?
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