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Moore's Volvo - Richmond, VA
- Red/Tan V70 T5, 39k miles
- Puter/Tan V70 T5, 35k miles
- Red/Blk V70 AWD, 32k miles
- Silver/Blk V70R, 70k miles
- Blk/Blk V70 R, 35k miles @$25k

I test drove the Puter T5, rare dark grey metallic color and the '98 AWD. The '98 needs a bit of cosmetic work. The Puter has ugly aftermarket wood trim. Both drove very nicely.

Don Beyer Volvo, Northern VA - Dulles location
Black/Tan V70 R - 35k miles, $26.9 - reposessed car. I test drove this one twice and was going to buy it until my wife said she wanted a Subaru Forester, ugh!! When I test drove it, it needed to be detailed.
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