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SOLD! (Thanks Elliot. Enjoy.)

This is a full set of four 17" Pegasus wheels with Bridgestone Blizzak LM25V winter performance tires (235/45R17 97V). This is the perfect winter setup for your 2004-2007 S60R or V70R.

Wheels #1 and #2 are in perfect shape.

Wheel #3 has a minor scrape on one spoke.

Wheel #4 has a scrape on one spoke and some chips along the rim.

The tires are in great shape with lots of wear left (see close-up).

This also includes a set of 'Tire Totes'.

$800 takes them away just in time for winter. Local pickup only.

Wheel #1

Wheel #2 (just some duct tape residue near the stem)

Wheel #3

Wheel #4

Tire close-ups

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