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Service Light

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I have a v40 with a little bit more than 45'000 kilometers. The service light became visible although the next service is scheduled at 50'000 km. Is it normal that the service light shows up 5'000 kilometer before the next service is due?

I found another post which tells how to get rid of the service light again. So that's what I going to do. My garage told me that it's a common problem that the service light shows up to early...

Regards - Ray
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Below are the steps suggested to get rid of
the check engine.
1. Turn the key to the 1st position.
2. Hold the trip button down.
3. Then turn the key to the third position.
4. Light will begin to flash and about the third time, release the trip button.
5. Start the car to make sure the light is off.

I saw these instructions on the IPD catalog also recently and tried it on my car itself.

Please note this is for the Service light and NOT for the check engine light.
Have had the same experience on my 2000, when the light is not in sequence w/ any required service. I also just reset it! Has happened at least three times in the past 47,000 miles.
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