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Re: service light (frogman)

Just a reminder - easily disregarded and/or reset.

Now, if the CHECK ENGINE light comes on...

George Dill

From The Brickboard (and a past Swedespeed post)...



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Service Reminder Light Reset Notes[ALL/1988] posted by Dave Stevens on
Sunday, 18 January 1998, at 3:55 a.m.

Based on notes from assorted sources, I've finally tried to come up with a summary of the service reminder light reset methods for various Volvo models and years in the hopes that this might be the last thread on the subject:

'88-'89 240 (5000mi/8000km) ... lift up reset lever on back of instrument cluster (behind 9 o'clock position on back of speedo); simplest access is by removing under dash panel and reaching up; Hint: lying upside down under the dash with a flashlight may be simplest the first time

'90-on 240, '87 760, '87-'90 740/780 (5000mi/8000km) ... push in reset button on back of instrument cluster (behind and just above rightmost idiot light); 240 access can either be from under dash as above or by removing instrument cluster; 740/760 with air bags (SRS knee bolster) requires removal of instrument cluster to access; Hint: carefully slide plastic covers off to reveal instrument cluster mounting screws; Caution: when removing instrument cluster do not pull on wires connected to fragile circuit board on back

'88-on 760, '89-on 740/940 with old-style OBD(I) system (5000mi/8000km) ... push in reset button behind rubber grommet on face of instrument cluster (lower left); Caution: when replacing rubber grommet do not poke all the way through the hole into no man's land (subtract one Brick Badge point)

'92-'95 850 with old-style OBD(I) system (9300mi/1500km, 12months or 750hrs) ... with ignition on, reset at diagnostic unit under hood (right side forward) using push button to enter function code 4 then reset code 1-5-1 (morse code style holding button <1sec for each count, pause <1sec between counts, pause 3-5 seconds between digits, pause 5-10 seconds before/after function code)

'96-on 850/70/90 with new-style OBDII system (9300mi/15000km, 12months or 750hrs) ... reset by going to your nearest Volvo service centre and making a new friend; your new friend will do the reset with a Volvo Scan Tool system tester ($$$$ if you want to buy it) which connects to the interior OBDII diagnostic socket; IPD has an aftermarket reset tool for 850's only (an OBDII compliant connector with Volvo 850 reset code), but at U$300 it's pretty expensive for just this one trick; other aftermarket OBDII units (including advertised PC based systems) will normally only be able to perform the basic US-EPA compliant diagnostic functions on a Volvo. EPA standards do not include service reminder reset (this is part of the Volvo proprietary OBDII extended codes and diagnostic procedures). If you have no other choice and feel you have to defeat the OBDII reminder system then do it by removing the warning bulb (subtract 10 points from your Brick Badge).

up to '87 740/240 ... post-it note on rear view mirror is your service reminder

up to '74 140 ... putting key in ignition and having all dash lights come on is your service reminder

up to '68 120/540 ... having oil pressure warning light coming on as you round a corner is your service reminder light; reset by topping up with oil from pan that you keep under your parked car

-These reset procedures are for the SERVICE warning lamp (time to change the oil) not the CHECK ENGINE lamp (time to consult with your mechanic) which indicates that a possible component failure or unusual running condition has been detected by the EFI computer.
-The service reminder light will come on for about 2 minutes after starting the engine once the counter reaches the service interval. Actually it starts coming on about 200 miles before the interval as an early warning.
-240 EGR/LAMBDA service reminder reset (US-California market only?) ... EGR valve (15,000mi) or Lambda Sond oxygen sensor (30,000mi) service reminder lights on 240's so equipped are reset with a push button on the back of the little counter box located above the driver's left knee (there's a short slave speedo cable from it to the back of the instrument cluster); Hint: if you turn your ignition on and there's no EGR or SOND warning lamp then you don't need to know this.
-Service lights are set for the maximum recommended routine service intervals. When you perform service, remember to reset the counter at the same time whether or not the reminder lamp was coming on.

If any of the above information is incorrect or incomplete, please add to this thread for future reference. In the literature I've noted a number of inconsistencies in correlating model years to the above. Variations are probably VIN range specific (production date, market code, etc.).

Re: Service Reminder Light Reset Notes[ALL/1988] posted by Jim Bradley on
Sunday, 18 January 1998, at 9:53 a.m.

My '89 780 Turbo w/air bag resets through the rubber grommet hole in the face of the cluster. I don't know if the 6 cyl. is different, but the B230FT uses the procedure described for '88-on 760 and '89-on 740/940. Thanks for compiling this info.

Re: Service Reminder Light Reset Notes[ALL/1988] posted by MARK H on
Sunday, 18 January 1998, at 9:26 p.m.

Thanks Dave Stevens: I know that was alot of work! I prefer the pre 68 method of reseting the light, I used it my self on my 140.Now I own a $300.00 reset tool that has to be sent in every year to be up dated to work on every new model year.I hate it; this is Volvo trying to make customers go back to the dealer. I feel this is going to back fire on Volvo and the dealers.When I was at the dealer as a mechanic I forgot to reset the service light maybe once or twice a week.That is with the reset button right in front of your face. I like the service light reminder but keep it simple. What happen to maintance free low cost services. It is more complicated and expensive to reset the light then doing a oil change. Every customer that comes through the door at my shop wants to know if we can turn this light off.When I say, yes! they fell like they have been unleashed from the dealer. (Dealer loses a customer I gain a customer.)

Re: Service Reminder Light Reset Notes[ALL/1988] posted by Henry T. Mui on
Monday, 19 January 1998, at 2:51 p.m.

Thanks! Dave,

The 88'-on 760, 89'-on 740/940 with old style OBD (1) system you need to push the button with the engine and ignition system off! Other than that It's all correct!

Re: Service Reminder Light Reset Notes[ALL/1988] posted by Paul Elliott on
Thursday, 22 January 1998, at 9:16 a.m.

I have a '95 850 Turbo, and use the method you list, and is confirmed in both the Haines manual, and Volvo srvc literature...However, my documentation, including owners manual, etc, states that this car *is* fully OBDII, not OBDI as you indicate.

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