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'90-on 240, '87 760, '87-'90 740/780 (5000mi/8000km) ... push in reset button on back of instrument cluster (behind and just above rightmost idiot light); 240 access can either be from under dash as above or by removing instrument cluster; 740/760 with air bags (SRS knee bolster) requires removal of instrument cluster to access; Hint: carefully slide plastic covers off to reveal instrument cluster mounting screws; Caution: when removing instrument cluster do not pull on wires connected to fragile circuit board on back.

My '89 780 Turbo w/air bag resets through the rubber grommet hole in the face of the cluster. I don't know if the 6 cyl. is different, but the B230FT uses the procedure described for '88-on 760 and '89-on 740/940. Thanks for compiling this info.

The 88'-on 760, 89'-on 740/940 with old style OBD (1) system you need to push the button with the engine and ignition system off! Other than that It's all correct!


Scroll on this...

http://www.brickboard.com/FAQ/700-900/ElectricalInstruments.htm#ServiceLightResetinVario usModels

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